Q&A Annexio Tournament Leaderboard
April 21, 2021

Tell us more about you and Annexio? What do you do at Annexio?

I’m the Gaming Manager for Annexio (Jersey) Ltd aka LottoGo.com. Working alongside our Head of Gaming Eddie Barrett, we manage all aspects of the comprehensive Gaming offering from an operational, strategic, and marketing perspective. Covering Slots, Games, Live Games, Bingo, and Scratchcards products.

How long have you been going? The website?

Annexio was founded in 2011 by Tom Bordie. We originally launched as World Lottery Club in 2012 with great success and recognized in 2013 as the fastest-growing e-gaming company on the Isle of Man. In 2018 World Lottery Club was re-branded into what is now Lottogo.com and was when our partnership with Fusion and Pariplay stepped up to a whole new level.

What is the focus of your business/website?

Our focus and goal are to offer a best-in-class lottery betting and e-gaming product with the customer experience and at the heart of everything we do.

How long have you been using our Fusion aggregation platform? What content are you taking from us?

We’ve been using the Fusion platform since 2015.  Taking a full range of products including Scratchcards, Casino content, Slots, Live Casino, Bingo, and Instant win games. Currently, we’ve over 1000 games via Fusion with more games and studios being added regularly.

What is your toughest single challenge when it comes to casino content?

Keeping ahead of the curve in regulations, innovation, and offering. Bringing the very best in gaming entertainment to customers, whilst ensuring we protect and safeguard our customers and keep their experience a positive and entertaining one.

How did the Fusion platform help you to achieve your goals?

The overall offering by Fusion is second to none, bringing the industry leaders to our door, where in some cases this just won’t have been a possibility. Without Fusion, we’d have some big gaps in our content offering.

We have launched last year our Tournament leaderboard tool and you were one of the first to use it. Tell us about your experience – how did it help you with your marketing activities?

It’s been great to have been one of the first to use the tool and the team has been very receptive to our feedback. The tool is still young so not yet as advanced as some of the more established back offices but has a great base foundation to build upon further, which the Fusion team is working hard on.
Having the ability to run campaigns with instant customer gratification has been a big plus for us, and our customers. The main USP of the tool for us is how all encompasses all their studio partners. For marketing, this provides some great options. Being able to offer multivendor campaigns from one back office is a great advancement. Add to that the self-intuitiveness and simplicity of the back-office UI make campaigns a breeze to create and run.

How does it compare to other tools you have used/come across?

It’s hard to compare like for like as the Fusion Tournament tool is so new and isn’t as far along as others. However, as mention above the base level of the tool along with the desire of the Fusion team the tool has the potential to evolve into an industry multiple award winner.

How often are you running tournaments with the tool?

With the added engagement we’ve seen since using the tool it’s become a regular addition to our campaign calendar. We now use the tool 2 to 3 times a month over varying time frames. It’s a good addition to our marketing arsenal.

Since using the tournament leaderboard tool are you seeing growth in your key KPIs? (any positive change?)

When using the tool we have seen good ROI, uplift to KPI’s and an increase in LTV.  A couple of our more successful Tournaments we’ve run have been multi-game, multi-vendor and which we feel was the key.

1st was our Spin & Win Summer Heat Cash Giveaway. The campaign ran for 10 days over multiple games across Pariplay, Quickspin, Microgaming, and Playson. This campaign sees an overall ROI of just over 35%.

2nd was our Bonfire Night Cash Giveaway. The campaign was run for just 4 days again across multiple games and vendors (key mechanic) with a seen ROI of 30%.

What would you change?

More end-user control once campaigns go to live. Once live we’re fully reliant on the Pariplay Fusion team in and out of hours. I would like to see the user have the ability to pause/resume/cancel campaigns, edit text i.e. T&Cs, rules., the ability to remove customers from the campaign, ability to add customers into campaigns. We understand that this will happen very soon – as Pariplay is constantly looking to evolve and improve the user experience and are very receptive to our specific feedback.

If you were to sum up in a few words the positives of the tournament tool, what would you say and why? 

Its openness and simplicity. In a tech-driven industry, usability can be lost to innovation, this tool is true to the end-user but not compromising on the development.

You started using another Pariplay’s engagement tool – Spin That Wheel. What is your experience with this tool?

Spin that Wheel is a new addition to the engagement tool and one we’ve been using weekly since its release and has seen good customer engagement. Like all the Fusion tools it is open to multiple Fusion partners, which makes it far more versatile and interesting than some of its rivals. There are, as with all things new, some additional enhancements and UI tweaks we’d like to see and have given feedback on. These are with the team and have been added to the dev sprints along with further internal improvements we’re told. Overall, it’s a nice tool.

Thank you!