Pioneering the iGaming Landscape in LatAm
November 01, 2023


Pariplay is a leading aggregator across the world, with incredible recent growth throughout Latin America. Can you share some insights into the specific strategies you’ve used to further strengthen your position in the region over the past 12 months?

Absolutely! Pariplay has risen as the go-to aggregator for Europe’s leading brands, thanks in large part to our solid partnerships and our ability to deliver content tailored for specific regions. Understanding local markets, by analyzing players’ behavior and specific trends for a region/country, has been a key factor in our strategy and instrumental to our success. By doing so, we provide our partnering operators with the best solutions for their players and useful insights to maximise their profits. As these powerhouses ventured into Latin America, we committed fully, to introducing specialized content in custom configurations. In terms of countries, we’ve been strategically positioning Pariplay across Mexico, Colombia, and both the City and Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. We went above and beyond, offering intricate integrations at no added cost—despite having no revenue insights for those areas. That ends up richly rewarded, fortifying our trust with local partners as well.

In that same time period, what trends and changes have you noticed in the aggregation sphere within the LatAm market? Have evolving player preferences had an influence?

Pariplay proudly led the charge by introducing “crash content” when it was still a novel concept/innovative idea. We’ve managed to integrate an impressive roster of around a hundred vendors in a mere two years. This has empowered operators to diversify their portfolios and set new market trends. Our acquisition by Neogames was also a game-changer, ushering us into the iLottery content sphere. Being under the wings of Aspire Global and Neogames group has provided us with unparalleled market intelligence, keeping us several steps ahead of the curve.

Countries such as Brazil and Colombia have seen plenty of attention from fellow providers, but are there any emerging markets you’re focusing on? How do you plan on catering to them?

Our vision is consistently geared towards regulated markets so each new regulation essentially becomes a new playing field for us. Presently, we’re turning our attention to promising territories like the Province of Mendoza and the newly regulated Peruvian market. Additionally, in Brazil, we’re spotting a unique opportunity through state lotteries and leveraging Neogames’ iLottery content.

Are there any advancements or challenges you expect to see emerge from Latin America over the next year, in terms of technology and regulations?

One of the hurdles we’re navigating is the lack of uniform game certification and technical standards across countries. Although a handful of provinces have been progressive by accepting certificates from other jurisdictions, many still face significant challenges. These certification processes consume substantial time and resources, potentially inhibiting industry growth.

On a brighter note, the region is trailblazing in terms of digital assets, with hopeful signs of transcending current transaction constraints. Moreover, our commitment to innovation is reflected in our cutting-edge solutions. We pride ourselves on being a flexible and agile content provider. For instance, our aggregation platform, Fusion®, represents a unified approach to content delivery, prioritizing unparalleled efficiency and delivering an exceptional ROI for operators.

Looking to the near future, what are Pariplay’s next steps within Latin America?

Pariplay is intensely focused on Latin America and we’re demonstrating our commitment by expanding our team to offer on-the-ground support in local dialects.  Our evolution is evident—we’re metamorphosing from a European brand exploring LatAm to becoming a robust Latin American division. And yes, the buzz is true—we’re in the final stages of the acquisition process with Aristocrat, a move that promises to amplify our growth trajectory both within the region and globally.