Pariplay PXplay
July 23, 2019

At Pariplay, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of innovation. Creating the ultimate user experience, when it comes to slots, goes beyond just awesome themes, storylines, amazing graphics, animations and bonus features. The UX needs to provide players with an easy to use but highly functional experience, which is why we are proud to present Pariplay PXplay.
Our talented team have rebuilt our game framework and gaming engine from the ground up, which will allow for even more features, functionality and innovation especially, when it comes to mobile optimization.

Here’s what PXplay offers:

1. Floating multi-button controls – These brand-new controls can be positioned anywhere on the playing screen, giving players more flexibility and comfort. On mobile and touch screen devices, players can resize the controls to suit their preferences. Through this new control, they can manage the following:

  • See their current bet amount clearly in the center of the control
  • Increase / decrease the bet amount using the +/- buttons on either side
  • Activate the autospin feature with the play button at the top
  • Access all key information using the menu option at the bottom. Players can view game information, help and configure settings such, as the autospin options and responsible gaming.
  • Initiate the spin / repeat the bet by simply clicking / tapping in the center

2. Coins vs. Currency – Players now have a choice of seeing values in either coins (credits) or in their preferred currency. To switch between these options, a simple click or tap on any value in the bottom ribbon will toggle between the options.

3. Drag to Spin – The spin can be initiated by clicking on any reel and dragging it down. Forget about the “one-arm bandit”, now we have the “one-finger bandit”!

4. Symbol Payout Preview – Forget about the days of scrolling through help files and pay tables. Now players can simply click or tap on a symbol on the reels between spins and instantly, a tooltip window will open with key payout information about the symbol.

5. Quick Spin and Turbo Spin – Players now have a choice of 3 different spin options. The first is the regular spin where all animations play including the reels spinning and any winning animations. The next up is Quick Spin mode where the reels spin and stop faster however all extra animations are shown. Finally, for those speed demon players who want to cut to the chase, there is Turbo Spin mode. With Turbo Spin, the reels spin and stop instantly with no animations.

6. Mobile Pulsator – Available only on mobile, this feature is designed to give players an even more immersive, heart pulsating experience. Each time there is a big win, the mobile device will vibrate and pulsate.

We hope all of you to love and enjoy all these new features. The first game to be released on the new framework will be The Prancing Pony on 24 July 2019.