Jorge Morales Interview Casino Revista
Jorge Morales’ exclusive interview for Revista CASINO
December 13, 2021

Jorge Morales, Director of Business Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, gave an exclusive interview to Revista CASINO talking about Pariplay’s upcoming plans and projects for the region.

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What will be your main tasks and objectives in your new role? What do you think will be the challenges you will face?

My remit is to grow, expand Pariplay’s brand awareness and increase the number of third-party vendors that can offer games to players through our market-leading Fusion aggregation platform. In terms of challenges, I would highlight the perennial issue of uncertainty regarding iGaming regulation. In Brazil the picture remains unclear, while there has been steady progress in Argentina and Chile is on the path towards the creation of a regulated market. Once regulations are in place, there is then the question of the cost to market, for example with game certification and technical standards.

Having worked at companies like Continent 8 Technologies, Microgaming, Playtech, and Bally Technologies, how will your experience in the gaming industry help you in this new position?

Working for these major companies has allowed me to gain experience in a wide variety of verticals within the online gaming industry. I now have the knowledge and the capacity to put all those learnings into action within my new role at Pariplay. Over the course of my career, I have also picked up plenty of market knowledge from spending many years travelling the region. Gaining an understanding of the cultures and differences between various countries is important within a fertile but complex region.

What are the company’s main projects and plans for the next year in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Our focus is on expansion, with a strong emphasis on regulated markets. It’s a case of finding content that resonates with players from a particular country or region. One of the most exciting paths on that journey is the discovery of new studios that can build fresh, locally relevant gaming content. Our Ignite solution can then provide these studios with all of the necessary tools and support to gain entry to regulated markets through Pariplay’s extensive Fusion network.

What are the opportunities that you are seeing in these times for the online market?

Once again, it comes back to an increase in the number of regulated markets. It’s key for every stakeholder that the industry is safe and secure, so that growth can arrive through different channels. In a regulated market that features comprehensive player protections and fair taxation, everyone wins. I also believe that within regulated markets, an increasingly important differentiator for operators is the adoption of a wider variety of payment methods, leading to an improved experience for the player.

What are the main features that players are looking for currently in online slots?

There is a great deal of variety in what players want from their online gaming experience. In certain countries, basic easy-to-understand games prove more attractive. In others, often where there has been a history of exposure to online gaming, players prefer feature-rich content. More generally, what unites all players is a love of free spins – the chance to win something, from nothing. Through our Fusion platform, operators gain access to multiple reward types that help to increase engagement, including tournaments and Spin That Wheel.

What lessons do you think the pandemic left for the gaming industry?

If ever there was a time to move online, it is now! That is the first lesson for land-based operators, who have been forced to deal with very difficult decisions due to forced closures worldwide. The second lesson, which is a byproduct of the first, is that with the online gaming industry is growing rapidly, a labor shortage has emerged. With so many vacancies to be filled, I hope that college grads will now see gaming as an attractive career, within the overall entertainment industry.