Pariplay Is Now Germany-Ready!
October 12, 2020

In regards to the German Regulation Regime we have implemented the following changes that will be uploaded to production 15 October 2020:

  • Win probability display – The players will clearly see the probability of the main win and the average payout for a  € 1 bet.
  • No auto-spin – The feature will be removed from the games.
  • No coin display – All stakes will be displayed in Euros and Cents.
  • No jackpots – no Jackpot games and references will be available.

15 December 2020 we will upload also the additional two requirements:

  • Minimum spin time – The minimum spin time of a game will be 5 seconds.
  • Maximum stake – Maximum stake per spin will be  € 1.

The changes will be applied for Pariplay and our studio games from the list here.

For more details and a list with the providers available in Fusion that will support the changes, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.